We all have desires to improve ourselves, from physical fitness, to aesthetic preferences. We often want changes in our lives, from financial status, to the way our country is governed. In the pursuit of change, all change, most find it far more difficult than first imagined, and most attempts end up falling far short of the intended goal.

We as a species have become victim to our technological advances. As we become more efficient at work the less our bodies are required to be physical, and therefore the less fit we have become as a population. Thus, in fitness training, just as in life, the body and mind must continually practice habits that strengthen the entire being, so that every task can be performed at its optimal level.

In this way, Paul Virtue's extensive experience as an athlete and martial artist enhances his ability to assess and train the whole person. In the pursuit of ultimate fitness, he has incorporated yoga, strength training, cardiovascular conditioning, Pilates, plyometrics, nutrition, mediation and self-empowerment into his regiments. This versatility allows Paul to integrate diverse modalities and techniques when customizing programs for his clients. (It also means there is no such thing as a boring workout.)

Through the years, Paul's journey of athleticism and martial arts, in all its modalities of consciousness, control, intuition and power, have given him an incredibly unique understanding of the struggles between body & mind. He knows the tricks that the mind can play, and how they affect the transformation of the body over time. With clients, this understanding translates into an ability to evaluate, motivate, discipline and inspire.

He believes in and encourages the infinite of the human potential.

He recognizes the satisfaction that comes from self-mastery of mind and body.