"I was getting married and wanted to look toned and firm at my wedding. I realized that I needed a super intelligent trainer who would kick my butt. I met Paul through my gym and I gave him three and half months to accomplish my goal. I'd get to the point where I wanted to stop but he kept me at it.

The last six weeks, the nutrition workout kicked in and he put me on a low fat diet balanced with high complex carbohydrates. (Although we did have a small fight about giving up caffeine.) But, I kept it up.

It helped that I made a commitment to myself because I knew that he was in essence helping me keep my commitment. Paul really is set apart from other trainers. He pushed me hard, certainly harder than I ever would have pushed myself, and he didn't cut me any slack. On my wedding day I got out of the shower and happened to look in the mirror and I called him crying with a million thank you's."

MATT, 46

"I'm in my mid-40s. I started contemplating using a trainer when I realized that at the end of every weekend I'd be aching. My doctor suggested working out, and said I might consider using a personal trainer and then recommended Paul. My workouts with Paul focused on flexibility with a bit of weight training and aerobic activity. My whole demeanor has improved.

Paul is a good, knowledgeable trainer. Part of his job is understanding the psychology of the people he trains and helping them reach their goals. He's enjoyable to be with even when he's pushing you to do all that you can do. If I'm going to spend all this time with him not only had he better know what he's doing, I'd better like the guy. I can say that Paul's a great guy".


"I used to be very physically active, but over time, work and children have begun to erode away at the amount of time I have available to spend on being fit. Paul works with me on this. He understands that my time is limited and is very flexible and creative in coming up with programs.

One thing I'd say about Paul is he does not allow comfort. He is very serious about what he does. He's not just there to make you a muscle hulk (unless that's your goal) - he is there to achieve the underlying goal of putting you in decent shape. But he also works with you spending time on figuring out your personal goals, your body, your differences, evaluating them and adjusting the workout to fit them, even as they are constantly evolving. Paul really has a great personality, he works you hard, but works with what you can do."

JOAN, 32

"I have trained with other people, but wasn't actively training when I met Paul. I was looking for a trainer and saw an ad of his in the Daily News. My basic goal was general fitness and building up my "core strength." Paul and I worked on a program including stretching, body building with some martial arts and overall balance work mixed in.

I am 'overly' pleased with the time I spent with Paul. He is knowledgeable on a variety of fronts including nutrition and spirituality. His goal for you is that you are able to continue training without him. He doesn't want you to be completely dependent on him for training, which I think is a unique approach.

In addition, he's a nice guy; he's got a great bedside-manner."

BILL, 73

"I had a couple of bouts with lung cancer that ended in having one of my lungs removed and chemotherapy. I was feeling at a low point physically. I had tried personal training before Paul and had not been sufficiently satisfied to continue the experience. My son recommended Paul to me, not so much for post-surgery rehabilitation but more because he knew that it was important to me for my health and sanity to keep my body in shape. I told Paul "I don't care about pushing iron and getting big muscles, I care about my general health." He trains me in my home. We work on flexibility and agility with some light work with weights - mostly to create resistance for muscle tone to complement the training program. Paul gears his work and his attention to the needs of the individual. If his client has a special condition or special need, he is able to understand it and address it. He is an unusually supportive, sensitive and a capable person. He is a pleasant guy to be with and he makes working out a pleasant experience."